Moving Complete

In July I have planned my move to Potsdam. It was, however, faster than expected. Finally, I had 25 people interested in my old apartment. Within a few days I have already found a new tenant. And I was even able to sell furniture and my PC.

Right now I have to look after some things casually. Despite exhausting days, a lot of sweat and force the move is done. At this point, thanks especially to my girlfriend and my brother applies.

After I sold my PC incl. Accessories, I want to buy in the near future a gaming laptop. Unfortunately, I have it still save some money, because with the appropriate equipment, the device is quite expensive. Until then, I ‘m going to use the laptop of my girlfriend. By moving I also regain access to my Playstation 3. I bought The Evil Within and FIFA 15. FIFA 15 I was able to allude and must say that it’s pretty good playfully. More details can perhaps come later. I hope I could give you a little update, so you know what’s going on with me.

Moving to Potsdam

Hey folks …
Currently im in the preparation to move to Potsdam. I had still my Appartement in werder and have now canceled the contract.

If everything works fine and i can find fastly an tenant then i will soon (probably in August) live in Potsdam. I move together with my girlfriend. From time to time i will get all my stuff out of the old Appartement.

So wish me luck That i can find soon a tenant.

See ya soon

Summer arrived

Hey Guys,


Im sorry that I havent wrote anything lately on my blog. Well I had lots of stuff to do and additionally I became 30 now. It was a really great and emotional celebration with lots of friends and family.

Special thanks to all who were there and enjoyed the time with me. Thanks to my brother for the great present and the music. Thanks to Siggi who came from the far west of germany to celebrate together with me.

Well in the past weeks I havent had much time to play games. I managed to play once The Walking Dead Season 1 and uploaded the video to my Youtube channel.

I also want to thank you guys, that you enjoyed one of my video for now 66 times. Havent thought that ever one video will become (for me) that much clicks.

I guess there will come more videos, especially from Company of Heroes 2. I also bought in the summer sale by steam the „Oberkommando West“ addon. After one time I used it, I can only say its different to the normal german units. May its just, cause I havent played it that much. But I prefer the normal axis side.

At least we are playing now much more Ranking games against AI. So to win a game you have to hold specific positions on the map. So its not anymore only comp stomp, you have to act wisely and try to defend those positions without getting overrunned by your opponent. Its a lot of fun. Check out our latest action on my twitch account. Probably I will upload some content later on my youtube channel.

I also was working on my next own song. But its a matter of time, and currently I use my free time for playing Football Manager or Company of Heroes, beside of that I like to spend some time with my girlfriend.

Well East germany had the last days like 38 degrees … it was a hell, you go out, move few meters and you will sweat like you were run a marathon. I like the summer, but not 38 degrees and no fresh air to cool you down. Well these days it should become better, hopefully 😀

Im feeling fine and I hope you guys doing too. Would be a pleasure to see you up here on my blog, or on my twitch / youtube account. Check out the latest content and enjoy yourself.

Read ya soon
Dennis aka Major King

New Streams online

Hey guys,

today Ive played some nice rounds company of heroes 2 with my brother. Check out the latest streams. We played an old map back from Company of Heroes.


Additionaly Ive played the first two missions of siper ghost warrior 2. And I could save a little highlight. Already uploaded on youtube :

So I hope you enjoy this blog. Check it out from time to time.

Greetz MK



A little update so far. Was kinda busy past weeks.  Somehow I cant play LOST via Domus in the moment cause ingame my keyboard didnt work, dont know why.

Well but so far there will come soon more stuff. I will play some Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 and I will present you my own produced music. Guess it will be a lot of fun.

Stay tuned so far.

The First Trailer is online

Hey Folks,

Its done, finally i could manage the Installation of lost via domus. The hard part was to get the Setup work. After this there was another Problem with some ageia physx driver. I use an intel hd 3000 and thought it was cause of i Not run an nvidea card.

After some research i found an old driver (2010 version) so i had to remove my actual physx driver and install the 2010 version. Then it worked out fine.

Here is the first trailer. The whole Game i will present in April. Stay tuned


imageIm a big Fan of the tv series lost. So I went yesterday to my brother and he said i got a surprise for you.

I was thinking and thinking and then he gave me the game lost 😀

Well stay tuned soon i will play it and you can be a Part of it. Check out soon my twitch channel.

Greetz and a nice day for all