Moving Complete

In July I have planned my move to Potsdam. It was, however, faster than expected. Finally, I had 25 people interested in my old apartment. Within a few days I have already found a new tenant. And I was even able to sell furniture and my PC.

Right now I have to look after some things casually. Despite exhausting days, a lot of sweat and force the move is done. At this point, thanks especially to my girlfriend and my brother applies.

After I sold my PC incl. Accessories, I want to buy in the near future a gaming laptop. Unfortunately, I have it still save some money, because with the appropriate equipment, the device is quite expensive. Until then, I ‘m going to use the laptop of my girlfriend. By moving I also regain access to my Playstation 3. I bought The Evil Within and FIFA 15. FIFA 15 I was able to allude and must say that it’s pretty good playfully. More details can perhaps come later. I hope I could give you a little update, so you know what’s going on with me.


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