The First Trailer is online

Hey Folks,

Its done, finally i could manage the Installation of lost via domus. The hard part was to get the Setup work. After this there was another Problem with some ageia physx driver. I use an intel hd 3000 and thought it was cause of i Not run an nvidea card.

After some research i found an old driver (2010 version) so i had to remove my actual physx driver and install the 2010 version. Then it worked out fine.

Here is the first trailer. The whole Game i will present in April. Stay tuned



imageIm a big Fan of the tv series lost. So I went yesterday to my brother and he said i got a surprise for you.

I was thinking and thinking and then he gave me the game lost 😀

Well stay tuned soon i will play it and you can be a Part of it. Check out soon my twitch channel.

Greetz and a nice day for all

Another week

Good morning folks,

Well it seems as this week isnt that great than the last one. Whatever, on past sunday we had another Stream on twitch played patrician 4.

Ive also updated my twitch site for a bit. Created new panels and I hope you will enjoy it.

Currently im a bit sad, hope this will be past soon.

Ive Seen corky on the past Stream, was great to speak to him again. So the mass-e-mails by our clan Forum are sent, hopefully with a lot of response.

Anyways so far i wish everyone a great day. Enjoy the sunny weather.