Another week

Good morning folks,

Well it seems as this week isnt that great than the last one. Whatever, on past sunday we had another Stream on twitch played patrician 4.

Ive also updated my twitch site for a bit. Created new panels and I hope you will enjoy it.

Currently im a bit sad, hope this will be past soon.

Ive Seen corky on the past Stream, was great to speak to him again. So the mass-e-mails by our clan Forum are sent, hopefully with a lot of response.

Anyways so far i wish everyone a great day. Enjoy the sunny weather.



News Update

Finally I managed to Update my Blog into a next chapter. You will find above a lot of pages with new stuff.

More will come soon. Ive also Updated my YouTube channel with some new Highlights created by my brother. Check them out. Continue reading News Update

New Update


Hey Folks,

as the leader of the clan [eVo]luTioN I have to announce that I canceled the current premium version of our Forum. Its far to expensive when we (especialy myself) not using it.

At least the forum is still alive but not up to date


But Im still (together with my brother) using my twitch channel and playing some games so far.

Last Games was :

– Stalker

– Patrician IV Addon

– Sleeping Dogs

– Company of Heroes

Check out the latest cast by clicking on the link on top.

Stay tuned

See ya soon