Clan History



All began at the end of 2006. There was a guy called Major King who
created a group called [eVo]luTioN together with P@ge. We started with just a few people who wanted to join and were mostly playing on “Moongamers Omaha Beach” – Servers (Battlefield 1942). After
some problematic moments, some people left but also some new came.

At that time we had to change our attitude. We created our forums to have a way to communicate with each other. Soon we also found the way to Teamspeak and X-Fire and began to form this group into a clan.  Our first steps where a bit uncoordinated and without any bigger kind of structure. So after a long period without bigger changes we met in mid of 2007 the B.U.G.S. Community. We also got from that point of many new members so finally many things began to change. We tried to make a better structure and have played our first wars in history of [eVo]. We rented our own servers and were able to compete much better than before in clanwars.

Now the step was finalized and we joined the bf42-liga to became a part of the last existing league of battlefield 1942. We also formed together with GermaN – StrikerS the German E-Sports Division (GeD) and where able to claim the 3rd place in the second memo cup (if I remember correctly). [eVo]luTioN was an international clan with around 20 Members. Finally we was able to get two times a second place and one time a third place in a group.

We also took part at the third MemoCup.
After some problems with the old Server we had to survive some months without an own clan server. So at least over the years this clan became something special. The members became unique and also the name is now very known. Its about friendship, its about loyality, its about democracy and the most special thing, its about fun. After we left the bf42 League our clan changed the main focus on another (at that time) brand new game called Battlefield 3. We found new Members, others left and so we was able to take part at some ESL Clanwars, mostly infantry only. It was a hell of a time and epic. I will never forget this, and especially never forget all these nice people I met there.

The most epic moment was (I think 2012) when some of our clanmembers was meeting up each other in brunswick. It was epic event and I think all of this guys who met up wont forget it so fast.
Then Battlefield 4 was out, but before there was some sort of problem in the clan. Many people went inactive, our Teamspeak server went offline and our forums was also never used much as before. I still have contact to some of the old clanmates, and Im happy about it. Due to the fact that I also had some personal problems, I don’t know what will be the future of our clan.

I hope once again we all can talk to each other and can play some games together. It was a great and epic time of my life, playing together with all these nice mates. We had so much fun, while playing games and beside of it.

If anyone of my old mates will check up my blog, well I want to say
thank you for being part of it all.


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