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This is a blog of Major King alias Dennis. Im just a guy who lives in
Werder (Brandenburg, Germany). Im currently 29 years old and will this
year celebrate my 30th Birthday. If you would ask me what Im doing in
real life, I would answer that Im an administration clarke in a huge
administration in a near city.

I have a beautiful girlfriend where Im most of my time. We have to
little sweet cats, and a wonderful little dog. Our next step will be
that we move together and find an own apartment for both of us.

My favorite hobbies are still sports (going 3 times a week to a gym)
and playing some games. Beside of that I still like to do livestreams or
castings. That’s why Im using my twitch account together with my
Brother. The only thing is, I still have only a 16 Mbits connection,
while he is able to use 50 Mbits. So that’s why his streams are much
better than my.

Im not a guy who just plays one game. When I find the time for it, then
I play many games. Currently its Sleeping Dogs, Patrician IV, Company of
Heroes 2, FIFA Football Manager 14 etc.
In fact that I spend the most of the time at my girlfriend, Im not able
to use my old PC rig. This is still at my own apartment cause we just
have a 2-room-apartment at my girlfriend. There is not enough place to
take my desktop pc with me. But I use my Netbook and ofc her Notebook
(which is able to some of the old games in full quality).

To my history, well I spend most of my gaming time at my own clan
called [eVo]luTioN. We was able to play competitive in games like
Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3. Ive met there many many nice people
and had a great time, one of the bests in my life.
Feel free to leave me any messages.

Greetings by MK


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