Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Since a few days there is a from the Fallout series an offshoot for mobile phones, Fallout Shelter. I‘ve heard that it is intended to bridge until Fallout 4 will appear.

After the first 6 hours of play, I can already present a small test result:

The story is pretty simple analogy to the previous Fallout games. The world has been destroyed by a nuclear war. The people flee to protect themselves from the dangers of the Wasteland in so-called Vaults. You are responsible for ensuring that the people in the Vault goes well. It’ll take you three basic needs.

1. Power on the individual rooms

2. Food for your residents

3. Water for your residents

With the help of bottle caps (known currency from the Fallout games) you build the appropriate spaces. You need accommodation for your residents. However, your residents do not sleep in the lodging, but also increase the number of possible accommodations your residents.

The skill system (special) was also integrated. Each resident has different strengths and weaknesses. These include Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck. Because of these skills can residents depending on the value, assign tasks. Residents with a high intensity work better in power plants. Residents with a high mobility can work at the diner and produce food. Residents with a high perception are best suited for waterworks. A high intelligence helps for example in the production of Stimpaks or RadAway.

At the beginning of the game are some residents of Vault entrance ready to accommodate the work. Later in the game you have several options to get to other residents. For example, residents with a high Charisma beget children in the accommodations. Later in the game (from 20 residents), a radio station can built up. After the lapse of a certain time new residents can stand before the Vault.

There are plenty of large and small missions are the rewards upon completion. As a reward you get mostly bottle caps. There are also missions that are rewarded with “lunch packages”. They will give you rare items (such as weapons and outfits) or characters. There is also the possibility to find weapons, outfits and Capsules in the Badlands. Residents can be equipped and sent in the wasteland. Attention, there lurk a lot of dangers arising from radiation, Raiders, and other typical creatures like Guhle etc.

Inside the Vault also lurking dangers. It suddenly fires can occur, RAD cockroaches drill a hole through the floor and attack your residents, or Raiders grab your Vault and try to steal resources. Main objective is always to gather enough resources. The more resources, the happier are your residents.

Happy residents give bonuses to the resources. Residents with a task get experience points. With the experience points your residents rises in stages. Each level of experience brings Capsules.


Fallout Shelter is just fun. The Vault is nicely animated and it’s great that elements from the Fallout series were integrated. A bit annoying, however the alarms relatively frequent example when cockroaches are attacking your Vault, fires break out or attacking Raider.

The motivation is just simple, to increase your Vault and to find items and weapons.


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